Elements To Include When You Plan A School Assembly For Veterans Day

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Of all the notable days throughout the calendar, Veterans Day is among the most important for people of all ages. If you're an educator who wants to ensure that your school's students learn the importance of this day, it can be worthwhile to organize an assembly to occur on Veterans Day or, if this day falls on a weekend, on the Friday before. Teachers may be talking about Veterans Day in the classroom, but the opportunity to gather all of the students at an assembly can be impactful. Here are some elements to include in the assembly.

Guest Speaker

One of the best ways to ensure that your Veterans Day assembly carries a major impact is to have a veteran serve as a guest speaker. You might be able to get a grandparent or parent of a current student; doing so can be a special touch. However, if this isn't possible, you can contact a local veterans organization to inquire about having someone visit your school to speak at the assembly. You'll want to make sure that the veteran's remarks have an impact, but are also age-appropriate, so you should let the veteran know the ages of the students who will be attending the assembly. Depending on the size of the school, a period of questions and answers might also be appropriate afterward.

Wreath Laying

Laying a wreath of remembrance is a common occurrence on Veterans Day, with many groups throughout the community visiting a local cenotaph to place a wreath and pay their respects. You can honor this tradition at your school assembly by having each classroom prepare a wreath that can be placed on the stage at the start of the assembly. The parameters that you choose can vary, but even using colored construction paper glued to a cardboard frame can work as a makeshift wreath and get each student involved.

Music And Silence

Very few school assemblies are quiet, but a moment of silence is a necessary component of your school's Veterans Day assembly. You can choose to have this somber, reflective moment at any point of the assembly, and it's nice to have everyone stand during the moment of silence. Make sure that the teachers monitor the group to quickly deal with any student who acts up during this moment. Immediately afterward, it's common for a musician to play "Taps" on a trumpet or bugle; if your school has a concert band, having a talented musician take care of this duty can be ideal. Contact a company, like Scheer Genius, for more help.

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