Why Bowling Is A Fun Choice For A Family Activity

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If you're looking for an entertaining family activity that's fun and also provides a bit of exercise, then bowling could be the answer. Even small children can enjoy bowling as long as they're big enough to pick up a child's ball and roll it down the lane. A night of bowling is a great way to spend quality time together as a family. Here's why bowling is fun for all ages.

Gutter Guards Help Kids Learn The Sport

Nothing is more frustrating than bowling into the gutter time after time. When kids are learning how to control the ball, consider using a lane with gutter guards. These bumpers keep the ball out of the gutter so it at least strikes some pins down. This keeps kids interested in learning the sport until they've developed enough skill and coordination to control the ball. Gutter guards don't interfere with more experienced bowlers since the balls won't touch them unless you throw towards the gutter.

Moonlight Bowling Adds Extra Fun

Moonlight bowling is fun for kids. The usual lights are turned off and black lights are turned on so the building and pins take on a neon glow. Moonlight bowling is sometimes offered on special occasions such as New Year's Eve when your kids might be staying up late and you're looking for a fun way to celebrate. You may even find an alley that offers moonlight bowling earlier in the night for younger kids to enjoy. However, the prime time for bowling, which is usually the evening hours, is often reserved for league playing. While you might find a few lanes reserved for open bowling, you'll probably find it easier to find open lanes for kids during the day, early afternoon, and weekends.

Food Completes The Experience

Half the fun of going to a bowling alley is eating from the diner. Bowling alleys typically serve the types of food that kids love such as burgers and fries or pizza. Having dinner or lunch at the bowling alley while waiting on a lane to open up completes the experience of a day or night of family fun.

Just being in a bowling alley can be a fun experience for kids with all the equipment to watch, excitement in the air, and variety of noises. Plus, it is fairly inexpensive for a family outing, since renting a lane is affordable, and you pay by the hour or game. If you go often, you can buy your own equipment and save on rental fees. But if you just go bowling occasionally, then you can use a ball for free and pay a small amount to rent shoes and be ready for some family fun. Check out a local bowing alley, like Sparetimes Bowling, for your next family outing to experience the fun for yourself. 

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