Planning A Princess-Themed Wedding: Five Royal Ideas To Consider

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For some brides, getting married is an opportunity to spend a day feeling like a princess. If you want to have a princess-themed wedding, here are some suggestions to add more magic to your special day.

Prince Charming Photo Booth

Photo booths for weddings provide wedding guests an opportunity to have a little fun while taking pictures you can keep for your special day. Consider setting up a Prince Charming photo booth complete with crowns, tiaras, gowns, and glass slippers. You can use a beautiful gold-accented chair to create a perfect perch for each Prince Charming to try a glass slipper on his princess in the photos, or guests can simply dress up as their favorite fairy-tale royalty. Be sure to have some pint-sized costumes available for little ones to play dress-up in the photo booth to create some adorable photos of your tiniest guests.

Horse-Drawn Carriage

A horse-drawn carriage ride is a perfect touch for a princess wedding. You can arrive at the wedding or ceremony venue in the carriage on your own for a grand entrance, or you and your Prince Charming can ride away after the reception as you head out to start your happily ever after. Another option is to take the carriage from the church or chapel to the reception venue. Work with your party planner to find a carriage company with the perfect setup to match your wedding theme.

Throne-Style Seating

If you are planning to have a head table at the reception, consider adding a dais and two throne-style seats for the bride and groom. This provides a royal touch that can give you a spectacular view of your subjects. You can add to this idea by adding a flowing curtain and a coat of arms behind the dais. Your party planner can help you acquire everything you need to create your royal throne.

Glass Slipper Centerpieces

Add to the overall princess theme by using glass slippers as your centerpieces. They can be filled with flowers for a beautiful touch, or you can use them with floating candles to add a bit of sparkle to the venue. Consider filling smaller plastic versions of glass slippers with candy to use as favors or centerpieces for children's tables at the wedding. The slipper idea is particularly perfect if your wedding invites will have a Cinderella theme to them.

Castle Venue

Of course, having the perfect venue might be the most important part of planning a princess wedding. Work with your party planner to find a castle venue for your wedding. There are some banquet halls that feature the look of a castle on the outside, and there are also some castle-style mansions that can be rented out for special events. Be sure to make the most of your castle venue by holding an outdoor photo shoot with your wedding party.

Your party planner can help arrange all of the details for your princess wedding, including the decorations, flowers, and entertainment. Come up with a list of things you want included on your special day, and use these ideas to have a truly royal reception.

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