How To Make Party Clean Up Easier

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Think about all the things you saw around the room as you looked around following a big bash. Depending on the type of party, you might have streamers and toys piled in all corners or bottles of beer and wine strewn about the backyard. Thinking back to all those dishes and piles of garbage around the home is enough to make you avoid throwing another party ever again.

Of course, parties come and go. Your next step is to figure out how to best clean up your home after you have guests come in and celebrate. Fortunately, here are some tips that will help you keep the house clean.

1. Consider Party Rentals

Party rentals are a party-thrower's best friend. When you rent bounce houses and other equipment, even tables and chairs, you are saving yourself a ton of clean-up in addition to having to store the materials. You don't have to worry about hosing down materials at the end of a party. Contact a business like Ken Rent for more help.

2. Buy Table Cloths

Table cloths can protect party rentals or your own tables, keeping food and drinks from staining your party equipment. Fortunately, these clothes are easy and affordable to purchase.

3. Make an Emergency Stain Remover Kit

If you think you are going to face stains in the near future, think ahead. Put together a kit of club soda, cleaners, and other materials you can use to clean.

4. Set Up the Bar Outside

If you worry about drinks spilling as people pour them, establish a set bar outside. This contains all your spills to the yard.

5. Keep Trash Visible at All Times

Every trash can should be readily available, even in bathrooms and outside. People are much more encouraged to use trash cans when they are outside. Additionally, keep spare trash bags at the ready.

6. Choose Clean Foods

The food you serve should be easy to clean, especially if you have children at your party. Bite-sized foods are great, especially if they do not require sauce or dip. Pre-determined portions are better than "make your own" style dishes.

7. Establish a Bin for Dirty Plates

Set up a bin for dirty plates where people can easily drop off their materials before they leave. Then, voila, all your dishes are contained.

Whether you are order party rentals or focus on setting up a clean bar out in the backyard, you are establishing the goal of having a clean house.

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